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Elementary School

Do you want your child to be educated in a pleasant and modern environment? In a place where children can make many friends?

Our school with a historical tradition from the 17th century approaches teaching with a high-quality teaching staff, modern methods and equipment, with respect to individuality of the pupil, support for creative thinking and with offer of many afterschool activities.


Kindergarten Slatinice is located in the garden, which provides opportunity for children to spend most of their time in harmony with nature. The newly added part of the kindergarten serves on the ground floor as a kitchen and dining room for the elementary school. Two very nice classrooms for children were built on the first floor. Kindergarten Slatinice is attended by children from Slatinice, Třebčín, Lípy, Slatinky, Lutín, and also Drahanovice.

After-school Club

The school club is open for our pupils every weekday from 6:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

School Canteen

Newly modernized professional kitchen and dining room for our pupils.


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Doručovací adresa

Mateřská škola a Základní škola Slatinice, p.o.
Slatinice 124,
783 42 Slatinice

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Mateřská škola a Základní škola Slatinice, p.o.
Slatinice 64,
783 42 Slatinice
IČ: 116 37 269

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